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Six South African Airlines have been accused of raising fares for local flights in June, when the World Cup will be taking place. South African Airways, Comair, Mango, 1time, Airlink and SA Express are the airlines under investigation.

South African Airways has already been found guilty of price-fixing in the past, being fined 55 million rand (7 million USD) in 2006.

Ticket prices along with the availability of flights is partly being blamed for a reduction in the number of foreign fans attending the World Cup. Originally estimated at about 1 million, the number has now dropped to 450,000.

If the charges are proved to be true then these airlines must be dealt with immediately. It’s obvious that the situation has already contributed to a massive decrease in expected attendance to the World Cup, which will have a big economic impact on South Africa.

It also gets in the way of having as many people as possible visit the beautiful nation and seeing all it has to offer.


According to the BBC, Africa has seen an increase in tourism thanks to the spotlight brought on by both the World Cup and Barack Obama winning the presidency. In fact, Africa is the only continent to actually see an increase in tourism, growing by 5% when the rest of the world saw a decrease of 4%.

This is wonderful news for all African nations. Africa has a lot of natural beauty that any traveler would relish seeing. So it’s nice that events like the World Cup and Barack Obama becoming the President of the United States of America can inspire people to visit the continent when they otherwise might not have thought of making such a trip.

Tourism can be a way for Africa to continue to develop economically and bring prosperity to its people. Although they have to make sure to keep the right balance between growth and protecting the environment that will attract visitors.